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Other people's reviews for Caledonian Sleeper

Kateryna Pimakhova
2020-09-07 07:33:46

Club cabin = great experience

Me and my boyfriend booked club cabin to go to Edinburgh and back in July this year and had a really good experience. Great beds, it was nice to have shower with all the free toiletries given. It's a shame that due to coronavirus lockdowns the restaurant / bar was closed but I think the team have done their best to accomodate with decent breakfast in the morning. It's true there's not much space for luggage so don't take 23kg suitcase if possible but good enough for small luggage. After all, it's a sleeper train. Overall, good experience.

2020-09-02 12:25:02

Love the train, hate the misinformation

I've never experienced the old sleeper train, but I was thrilled with this one. Booking was easy, and there was a lot of information on COVID related changes, inc change in timetable. We got to Euston early as we didn't want to risk missing this (pricey) experience. There was no Caledonian staff present, and their stand was abandoned. Our altered timetable wasn't reflected on the departure board, and National Rail staff had no info on any changes. Luckily, cleaners and assistance crew knew more than info desk staff, and we found out where the train was and where to find the crew. There was no change to timetable despite online notice. On the train, I found the cabin cosy, bottom bunk comfortable, and the sink sufficient. My partner did not enjoy the top bunk as he found it to be somewhat uncomfortable. The train ride was nice too, but I agree with reviews saying that the night light was too strong and we ended up using information cards to cover lights. I would like to use it again but not for that price.

Simon Fox
2020-01-29 10:51:59

Travelling Club Solo on the new…

Travelling Club Solo on the new Caledonian Sleeper between London Euston and Glasgow. I was down in London for a work trip and thankfully my work had sprung for First Class on the sleeper home. The last time I took a sleeper train was about 20 years ago and we only had seats in the old carriages, so anything was going to be better than that!With the Club Solo ticket I had access to the First Class Lounge in Euston which I was very thankful for with having 2 hours to kill before my train. In the lounge there were free drinks (non-alcoholic), snacks, comfy chairs and fast, free wifi. About 20 minutes before departure I went down to the platform where I was met by a couple of friendly staff members who gave me a keycard for my cabin. Inside the cabin itself was big enough for one person, I could put my bag and shoes under the bed, there was charging ports, heating dial, dimmable lights as well as a sink with toiletries and a spray to make your pillow smell nice. There was also an en-suite which could also be used as a shower room, very convenient in the middle of the night when you don't want to roam the corridors looking for a toilet! You also got ear plugs and a sleep mask. The bed itself was comfortable and of good quality, there was enough length that a person of my height - 6'4 - could 'just' stretch out, though my feet were up against the wall. The rocking motion of the train wasn't too bad, and the only noise was that of the train tracks. My only complaint really is the width of the bed, I'm quite broad shouldered so I felt a little confined in movement with the bed. The wifi onboard isn't the best either, so for streaming on Netflix I had to just use 4G on my phone. Come morning I went along to the Lounge car which was very nice and comfortable, and had my complimentary breakfast which was served at the time I'd requested on my card the night before. Breakfast was delicious as was the coffee. All in all it was a pleasant experience, though if I were to do it again I think I would try to get one of the double beds just so I had space to spread myself out a bit more!

2019-12-18 22:53:17

The most civilized way to travel between London and Scotland!

I was very weary by the reviews everywhere of the Caledonian Sleeper and I was starting to think that maybe I wouldn't enjoy it as much as I hoped I would! I was thankfully wrong.I travelled from London Euston to Inverness with my partner and caught the 2059 service. You are able to board the train around 30 minutes before departure which is great as you can put your luggage away and start to settle into your journey. Boarding was extremely unorganized. Herds of people just wandered outside the train with no information being given to passengers on how to access their room! My partner and I entered our berth for the 12 hour journey to Inverness. My initial thoughts of the room: very clean, cramped but cosy! The room wasn't cold or hot, a lovely temperature for winter. You are also given an amenity kit which consists of an eye-shades, earplugs and a water bottle. There is a control panel next to your bed, which has temperature control, a reading light, power socket, a button to call the host and many more which I can't remember! Once we familiarized ourselves - we tried to activate the lock on our door which took many attempts but we eventually got there. We rushed to the dining cart to find out it was nearly full! We hadn't even left London yet! If you want to have dinner on the train, please go to the dining cart as soon you put your luggage away! The dining cart fills up very quickly. We luckily managed to get a booth but the waiter kindly asked us if we would mind sharing it as some other passengers wanted dinner and there were no more tables available! Obviously we didn't mind but please bear this in mind if you're expecting an intimate dinner with your partner! The waiter took some time to get hold of which was understandable as it was very busy already! All the staff I encountered were very professional, friendly and well dressed. I ordered the lamb shacks for the main course and the fruit platter for dessert, both were delicious and the portion sizes were acceptable. The wine menu was decent and the prices were also reasonable for train food, too.After dinner, we descend into our berth for the night. We had the twin berth. The mattresses were actually not too bad. They weren't as amazing as some luxury hotel mattresses but it was definitely more comfortable than what I had expected! The linen was extremely comfortable, warm and clean! I'm 6ft and I didn't find the bed cramped at all. The noises levels on the train aren't as bad as some people make out (well, I don't think so anyway) I managed to sleep for about 4-5 hours and woke up near Perth. My partner requested tea for breakfast (which is complimentary in all the berths) but sadly - he never received. About 10 minutes prior to arrival into Inverness - there was an announcement made to say we will be arriving into Inverness shortly. We arrived bang on time.If you're looking for something luxurious like the Orient Express, perhaps this isn't it but if you're looking for something which will take you from London to Scotland in a civilized manner - then I would definitely recommend this. The only reason why I haven't given it 5* is because there were a few small things I didn't like, such as the buttons on the carriage doors made an annoying noise every time we alighted at a station! Not something you want to hear when you're trying to sleep! Other than that - I can't wait to travel on the Caledonian Sleeper again!

Dave King
2019-12-09 14:11:31


Dont be put off by the negative reviews! We have been twice, both the old carriages and new en-suite. We had tremendous fun on both occasions. As long as you understand you are on a blooming train and not a 5 star luxury resort hotel !! Yeap - the rooms are small but comfortable, the sleep can be disjointed - yet cosy. The new carriages are better thanr the old ones which were weathered around the edges, though always clean as they are now. The staff have been amazing, friendly and accommodating on both journeys. You cant beat the feeling once you've checked in - dumped your luggage in your own private space - pulled the cork on a nice bottle of red. Waking up in the Highlands is something else - the track is a single carriageway as the mountains, mist and heather roll by your window,

Thelost Keys
2019-11-26 16:17:08

Great trip, really enjoyed it!

Travelled from Euston to Fort William in November, after booking tickets my wife checked reviews and was so put off by the reviews on Trust Pilot she nearly cancelled and opted for a flight! Writing this review to balance things up as we had a genuinely wonderful trip that we will repeat - we now think it’s the only way to travel to the highlands. Firstly, it’s worth suggesting that don’t have too high expectations, this is not the Orient Express, it’s not perfect but for the money, a great value trip with some very pleasing surprises. - Wonderful welcome by friendly staff- Well appointed room, comfy bed and pillow (I’m only 5’8 so tall people may disagree)- Hard seats in the club car but great service, good half bottle Cotes du Rhone and a cheese board, bliss, great service again.- on board WiFi worked well enough (Though I downloaded a movie ahead of time)- my wife used the ear plugs and eye mask provided and slept well, woken briefly a few times. I found it a bit harder, a combination of the back lit button on my control panel (which I covered with a T-shirt) and the jolting train kept me awake but I caved in and used mask and plugs and then slept well (a lesson learned).-waking up to the morning gloom of the highlands was unforgettable- you are supposed to order breakfast when you board which we forgot to do but the staff had extra (I guess they always get one like me) and produced a delicious highland breakfast (and that view!).Not the smoothest of rides but it’s a train.. would be cramped for bigger taller people but all in all, this is a really terrific service and I will definitely be using it again!

Mrs Trisha Goodwin
2019-11-11 17:12:58

A wasted design oppotunity

Couldn't wait to try the Caledonian Sleeper service, using the new rolling stock, as loved the old ones we used from the 1980s onwards to and from Inverness and London. Now we live in Invernesshire, this seemed the best way to come back from London, so didn't get back in the dark at night, but in the morning, refreshed, instead. Not great at Euston, as only went up on board 15 mins beforehand, then a rush to find the platform and the right sleeping apartment. The Scotsman at barrier was charming, the attendant seeing us onto the train and ticking us off list, not so, on the rude side of disorganised. The standard sleeping room, two bunk beds, which we used to travel on, not that well re-designed, in fact the old design was better. The ladder is dead straight against the bunks, making it hard to get up to top one (used to be sloping and allow more space at bottom too). The hard metal stand for putting mobile devices in, against each bedhead, is a treat to head injuries. The padded sides that used to keep you safely in the top bunk as gone, the small thingey now replacing it, makes turning over in bed deadly. OK, we accept, not the real china cups anymore for morning tea/coffee, but the cardboard versions feel cheap and tacky and are they even recycled? I did manage the bathroom door, everyone else was complaining about getting in through the strange folding doors, but the loo was very noisy and nearly sucked you in too! The sleeping room was noisy due to the wheels sounding like they were coming off, didn't sound too safe and very bumpy compared to the old rolling stock. Could have done with mirrors and hooks in better places and just a lot more thought, this feels very basic, but an idea way to travel, which used to be a delight. The staff, very sadly, need some training in how to talk to people too, this makes so much difference to what should be a pleasant experience. However, managed to sleep, despite all this, as for some strange reason, I always sleep better in moving trains and ships that at home in bed!

Helen Liddell
2019-11-07 14:47:52

Nancy and Julie, the best hostesses any company could have

I was injured in a fall at Euston before boarding the sleeper, I went to the dining car to ask for ice and I have never before had such kind and thoughtful service, ice was packed around my leg and I was encouraged to stay till the pain eased, I then went back to my cabin, one of the two hostess followed me, bandaged up my leg and made sure I was comfortable. The next morning I got an intercom call to check I was alright and a colleague of the two women came to help me down the step.Julie and Nancy, dining car hostesses on the Caledonian sleeper on November 6 are the best ambassadors the company could have, customer care like that makes up for a lot of the teething troubles of the service.My ankle was broken.Helen November 7 2019

2019-07-03 17:37:33

I've always had a good experience…

I've always had a good experience travelling on the overnight trains. I know what to expect, and it's so good to wake up at the other end of the UK. I've come on to TrustPilot to review them as I had a problem with my travel plans and needed to make a change, and the man at the end of the phone this afternoon was so helpful in letting me change plans for Friday night, so the journey could start in Inverness not Edinburgh. I really appreciated having a listening ear to the difficulties that had come up, and the discretionary treatment was very welcome.

2016-07-19 09:32:37

Ok but not great

Decent service if you want to wake up in the centre of London. Do not expect much privacy though, the staff knock on your door and enter without your permission about 2 seconds later!

Matthew Hutton
2015-08-10 16:42:04

Excellent Service

Just travelled up and down to Scotland on the sleeper and the staff and service has been brilliant. You get woken up when you want (for me after the train has arrived so you get as much sleep as possible) the beds are comfortable and there is plenty of room for luggage on board.You don't sleep as well as in a proper bed, but that is to be expected, on the other hand you arrive at your destination early in the morning meaning you get the better part of two extra days in Scotland more than you'd get by driving up, getting the daytime train or flying.

John C
2015-06-05 17:52:14

Caledonian Sleeper

I try to get up to Scotland maybe once a month as it's home and I was hoping to take my dog north with me this weekend but booked without checking that they'd charge £94 for her to travel with me. Due to this, and the fact that I have to work this weekend, I will be in London and had to seek a refund: the process was fast and sleek and the refund processed in short order.I'll be travelling on the Caledonian Sleeper again soon!

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