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Other people's reviews for Leagueoflegends

2021-02-11 23:53:10

Fun game to kill time with friends

aibfsfs aibfsfs
2021-02-08 21:07:21

great game

great game, very funall the other reviews are bullsh*t, don't listen to them

2021-01-31 11:33:45

A game that does it all to keep itself…

A game that does it all to keep itself alive. It works. Every years something new, diferent. Some people like it, some don't but the the innovation is there.It is a great game!... if only the same could be said about the community or company.

2020-12-15 16:55:51

Best MOBA out there

Best MOBA out there. Love it. I play it every day and I am plat II

Chuck Shurley
2020-11-26 11:23:44

All these people crying here because…

All these people crying here because they say s11 sucks. A game has to change to keep successful. Stop crying,get better instead lol. I still love the game. The meta isn‘t the best right now but it changes so I can‘t complain. The game is fun if you play it with friends for fun. Unfortunately the community is really toxic and people just don’t understand the game but still keep playing soloq and ruining others, who really want to win, the game.

2020-11-21 06:23:49

Can't say it is a bad game

Can't say it is a bad game, it isn't. It is actually quite a good game but the nostalgia from season 1-2 makes me unable to enjoy the game at its present state. A single person used to have a lot more impact on the game if they were good... The longer xp range, new towers, less punishment for dyeing... it made the game more accessible to more people, but for me it ruined a lot of the fun.

stathis c
2020-10-31 10:28:00

Fun to play-Makes profit from your competitive EGO

LOL is a MOBA game.It is the best MOBA out there!Sure there are issues with client,ping,bugs,champion balance etc stuff,but compared to the rest MOBA games,trust me,it is the king undisputed!Playing LOL with your firends is very fun,animations and graphics are beautiful,champions have funny catchphrases but are serious at the same time.Lore is good,music is good,strategy is good,there are also events all the time to prevent boredom.You can do amazing things if you co-operate with your firends champions that will really satisfy your experience.On the bad side,if you want to play competitive,this is not the game to play.The matchmaking of this game is 100% flawed,the company knows it but does not do anything to improve it.Why?Think of it like the carrot and stick approach:The game forces you on 50% winrate.It gives you good teams and you score victories.Then,when you climb 1-2 levels up,they place you in bad teams(unskilled players,trollers,feeders,afkers which by the way are never being punished cause they serve a purpose)so you return at the point where you were before.Then,they place you with good teams again and repeat.This gives the player the constant feeling that he is so close to achieve his goal to promote,but so far away at the same time.As a result you spent dosens of hours of your life and in reality you havent made progress at all.Now,why does the company keeps the competitive mode rigged?Simple,they wanna take advantage of your EGO and make profit out of it!They tell you that their game is perfect,they show you pro players beating solo their enemies and that the one who needs to improve is you.This creates an illusion to the players and a new circle of profit for RIOT:Streamers,trainers,guides,tournaments etc stuff are created from this illusion,in order to fish you up and train you to become a better player.There are even boost players who are paid in order to level up your account.Because you spent so much time training and playing,RIOT has the chance to advertise their skins and bundles so they can take away your money.They created a point system to measure how good you are with your champion,so they can feed your EGO more and make you wanna buy a skins for them.If you reach a high level they give you gifts and marks to show-off your skill xD xD !!!To sum it up,LOL is a good game for those who wanna have fun with their friends.If you want to play competitive and have a huge EGO,dont play this game,otherwise get ready to have your wallet empty and your heart broken from rage attacks.Trust me,RIOT knows exactly the way how to do it xD

2020-10-15 16:19:15

this game makes me go yes

This game makes me go yesDota,Smite, Mobile legends bang bang, hero's of the storm, God of war 3, Battlefield 7, Nvidia 2080 super, SpongeBob battle for bikini bottom, fortnite, pubg, gta 5, sports, trees, cars, beans, my own feces, ark, my white stuff sock, and my father makes me go no.riot fix you're client

Alec Lee
2020-09-14 14:00:31

Many opportunities to earn on…

Many opportunities to earn on championships, streams, etcalso a great game

2020-05-31 01:19:31

It's awesome

It's awesome, people, game itself. Even funny, never boring! The only downside is if you want something better, you gotta use real cash. But,'s a great game, and I do recommend. If you decide using Discord, and find teammates, can be even better, and funnier!

2020-04-16 20:16:56

Love this game but..

Love this game but... the community is toxic, balance team sucks, matchmaking is yikes, and servers can be pretty bad sometimes. The only thing that is 10/10 is the music and animation team.

Ethan Hill
2020-04-13 02:25:34

listen I love this game but…

listen I love this game but something needs to be done about smurfs. Please add something to deal with this. Lock accounts to Ip's and add Ip transfers that are only valid after 3 days or something. Clash is loaded with them and riot said they were going to deal with it but it's just as bad. Any random person can add their cell number to an account. They could even give Voice over IP numbers to bypass this. New players looking to play the game also need better tutorials. there needs to be better game knowledge that can be shared in the training videos. The game is too technical for these are the basics. SO if Riot sees this PLEASE fix your SMURF problem and PLEASE update your Training/tutorials.

Kelly V
2020-04-13 00:22:04

Just okay

Things are just okay with the game. I've been with the game for a long time, and every new change makes the game feel more and more foreign and weird. The toxicity of the community is another thing to note on. Old players tend to shower hate on new players who don't know or barely know what they're doing. The game has some replay value, but it's not interesting enough to only have 5v5 or 3v3 to play endlessly Reworking old champions, adding new skins, and making new champions aren't that interesting anymore. Maybe there ought to be a new gameplay mode, rather than only teams against teams to destroy each others' nexus.

Shiro Novak
2020-02-14 23:21:44

I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of…

I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of these negative reviews were written by riot themselves...I mean...who can spell convenient but spell break as 'brake'? Anyway, the community is toxic because riot wants insecure gamers who want to feel smart or talented because they know these people will throw money at them just to hear "God like.... legendary!" If you watch any of their weird YouTube ads they literally express this... hinting that LoL is a game for SMART gamers who have Intelligence vs gamer talent (if that even exists) Ok so on with the review. The toxic community is crucial for this game to stay popular. already insecure people who want to be some big shot on LoL get thrown in a game just to hear "STHAP DYING YEW SUCK" which then inspires them to play bot games until they can go into pvp without being insulted. The game will always compliment you and make it seem like you are a great champion...until you hit a certain level where you are at the bottom and have to "climb" to the top again. I am not sure why nobody has noticed.This is the only game where a terrible player can be at level 200 only because they have been playing the game since it launched. You don't have to "get gud" to be a high level. Just play everyday and don't rage quit. Generally it takes just six games to get the hang of it. Very simple...(summoners rift)This review has been botched a bit because of inappropriate language which I don't know where I used it? but I had to delete an entire paragraph but I am still posting this. This will fall on deaf ears because this community is convinced they are no longer the noob that got insulted when they first signed up...and since people who are insecure are directly targeted by LoL ads...they will do the same to a new player because that's just how a specific group of people think. I'm not talking about the professional players here. I'm talking about your everyday hardcore players that think they are professional on the pretend ranking list. which is really for ego. three stars because it is fun though.

2020-02-14 07:54:44

Amazing game

Amazing game, amazing community. Thanks for a free game riot. These haters are not thankful for free things.

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